Sunday, November 14, 2010

Printer Demo Fun./Just looking.

First of all, the printers that are on display go through a lot of abuse. Little kids with sticky hands, people opening them up, jamming ink cartridges in etc. Ink is out or almost out... I mean there are starter cartridges.

But yet the Battle of "Why the printer does work?" rages on. lol.

(click on image to make bigger)

The most common phrase: "I'm just looking." Customers come in and just walk around?



  1. It's crazy that they want you to leave them alone but then freak out when you walk away. I HAVE A QUESTION NOW BUT I DIDN'T 35 SECONDS AGO!!

  2. Yeah! I consider retail equal to babysitting small children. "You good? Ok. What about you? Oh you need your bottle alright. Oh and you your ready for your nap? ok I'll go get your blanky." lol.

  3. you could literally say anything to them and their response is "just looking".

    "Hello ma'am/sir. How are you today?"
    "I'm just looking."

    "Hello ma'am/sir. I accidentally ran over your child in the parking lot."
    "I'm just looking."