Sunday, November 14, 2010


Welcome to my newly created blog where I attempt to record through drawings the ridiculous and strange occurrences that befall me as I work as a Sales Servant in Retail. Retail and dealing with Customers is my inspiration. All artwork is created by me and is based on TRUE EVENTS!

I hold 4 years of Retail Servant experience. From electronic sales to office supply sales, to cutting candied apples and selling SpongeBob shirts at Universal Studios Hollywood, to being a coffee fetcher for Hollywood Producers at Warner Brothers, to valeting cars for the super rich in Beverly Hills. My specialties are:
  • Finding ink when you don't remember your printer or your ink number
  • Fixing your camera when you forgot to charge the battery
  • Carrying large items for you
  • Showing you where the paper is located, surprisingly under the billboard large Paper Sign
  • Explaining the difference between Office Software and the Operating System
  • Finding your Black Mercedes Car Key out of 80 others identical Black Mercedes keys(only takes 30 minutes) because you lost your valet ticket
  • Putting up with drunks when they spit at me for taking too long to bring their car up
  • Helping Prostitutes find the room number for a guest they want to charge overnight parking to (but forgot his name and room number) and not being able to locate said information in their Blackberry<--- yeah this happened too!
  • Typing in a phone number twice because you did not tell me that 702 was an area code



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